Welcome to APCOM 2016

Asia-Pacific conferences on “Fundamental Problems of Opto- and Microelectronics (APCOM)” started in 2000.  Russia, China, Korea and Japan have been taking turns hosting this great event.
APCOM 2016 will be held in Khabarovsk, Russia from October 11 through 13 this year.  This is the ninth time the conference is held in Russia since 2000.  We are proud of being able to host the conference again.  This year’s conference venue, Far Eastern State Transport University is located in Khabarovsk in Russia.  The university, which has already produced over 74,000 graduate active in all spheres of society, will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2017.
Khabarovsk is one of the largest cities located approximately in the center of the Far East of Russia.  Khabarovsk is also the center of the nation’s politics, economy, and culture of the Far East of Russia. We are sure you will enjoy your stay in Khabarovsk and have fruitful discussions at Far Eastern State Transport University during the scientific event (FESTU). 
Topics of APCOM 2016
include but not limited to
♢ Optoelectronic sensory and measurement systems
♢ Optoelectronics for medicine
♢ Optoelectronics for life sciences
♢ Optoelectronics for structural health monitoring
♢ New materials and structures for photonics
♢ Micro and nanotechnologies for optoelectronics
♢ Optical information and data processing
♢ Optoacoustics and acousto-optics
♢ Acoustics, hydro-acoustics and seismo-acoustics
♢ Microelectronics sensory and control systems
♢ Electronics system and devices
♢ Informatics and computational methods
♢ Nonlinear optics